Jeanno Gaussi, Dreams on Wheels (Detail), Acrylic on Wood, 2013 © Jeanno Gaussi and galerie koal

Expert Eraser


Helga Wretman, Exercise Excerpt, 2012 (Videostill)



Ready for Fatality?

Hated Animals

Individual mythology as criterion of falsifiability – A laughing matter?

Is there anything we can do for now?

Kalin Lindena

Hollow Earth

NOTE ON What Would You Say It Is?

Lets talk about love

Local Reality as Memory Desertification
 Contemporary Art in the North of Chile

Jan Scharrelman

Daniel Müller-Friedrichsen

Friedemann Heckel

Lily Wittenburg & Jenni Zimmer

Edition Taube

NOTE ON Poise & Display